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Puppet is a Human too 2021

15th International Festival of Puppet Theatre
and Animated Films for Adults

9th - 16th . October 2021

Puppet is a Human too - Where did the idea originate from?

Constantly for many years we have been explaining that the art of animation, including the puppet theatre, is one of the languages of art.

  • It is not the mirror nor an infantile introduction to a real theatre and film
  • It is not a didactic method
  • It is not a pedagogical means for our loved ones
  • It is not a way to imitate anything

Of course, it can constitute all of this. Our desire is to persuade you, that there exist different languages of art, different levels of creativity, which are worth getting to know. To be amused by or to be touched by them, and if willing to reject, do it consciously.

We invite you to see puppet spectacles meant for adult audiences: starting with traditional theatre, ending with innovative forms. The Puppet is a Human too Festival is a contest, in which an international jury awards: the Best Actor, Creativity, the Festival’s Best Spectacle and a number of other awards.



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15th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults - Poster